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Why bother with Ambien and over the counter pills when you can have snoozin fuzzy bunnies & puppies & kitties lull you into dreamland?

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Snoozy McTummycuddle: *cronsche* *cronshe* *yaaaaaaawn* --- snif --- *cronsche-shu*
Kitty using pup ear as blankie-- totally adorbs.
Massive bunny floppage. Hop... hop... FLOP... snore
Here, watch this sleepy kitten... I challenge you to stay awake.
Nother sleepy kitten!
Almost asleep in cuddling strong arms-- can barely keep eyes.... open..... sszzzznk *honk shu*
Precious lil fuzzins
Snoozy soft pup noses, breathing so lightly on the grass, trembling the blades just a tiny tiny bit.
I can only sleep if my little buddy is cuddled up next to me.
And I can only sleep if my little buddy keeps watch.
Snnzzzzsnnore... why yes, I'd love to be a taste-tester for the short ribs cookoff... mmmm....mmssszzzz *honkshu*
Ahhhhh. Warrrrrrrm.
Dewd. I am EXHAUSTED. *honkshu*
So hungry... so sleepy.... *cronshe croshshe* *cronsh...shu*
I can sleeps anywheres.
This sunbeam... warm... can... barely... keep... eyes... open... *honkshu*
I'm soooo tired, I probably wouldn't wake up if you snorgled my furry tummy.
Baby bun: [drowsily] "Kronche. Snorg. Kronche-kronche. Honk-shuuu"

(2 minutes later)

"Kronche, kronche. Kronche-monche. Kronche-shu."

(5 minutes later)


--by Meg, admin of cuteoverload.com